Separately Managed AccountsSeparately Managed Accounts

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) are a portfolio of investments that are owned by a person but managed by a professional investment manager.

SMAs allow you to see exactly what investments are being made for you, without the hassle and stress of doing it yourself.

 Also, when you invest through an SMA you own the investments directly, so you benefit from things like franking credits.


How it works

Through brightday, you can invest in any of the SMAs on this approved list.

To invest or sell, all you need to do is complete one simple online form.

Fund manager fees are charged in addition to brightday platform fees.  Each SMA's fee structure differs, but the fee is generally between 0.6 and 0.95% and is deducted from the cash allocation of your SMA Model Portfolio.

Not sure what mix of investments is right for you? Use our portfolio planner to find out, in just two minutes, how you might invest your money to achieve your objectives, based on the information you provide.


Things you should know

  • The minimum initial investment you can make in any SMA is $25,000
  • You must maintain a minimum balance of $20,000 (which allows a buffer for fluctuation in market values)
  • Should the value of your portfolio fall below $20,000 for any reason you must restore the balance to greater than $20,000