How it works

We have designed the Ready-made Portfolios to achieve three different goals, and each goal has a standard and an enhanced ("plus") option.

The defensive options are the least risky of the options available and their potential range of return is the lowest.

The enhanced options each have higher targeted returns after fees (but may charge higher fees to achieve that enhanced return).

If you aren't sure which of the portfolios is right for you, it may help to consider what type of investor you are and what stage of life you are in (that is, how far away retirement is).

See the performance of the Portfolios in our monthly update: PDF icon 311018 - Complete Super Monthly Ready-Made Portfolio Performance Report .pdf

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Defensive portfolios


 Heavy cash exposure; aims for the RBA Cash Rate

Defensive plus: 

Cash is invested with active cash managers; aims for 0.25% above the RBA Cash rate

Balanced portfolios


30% - 70% cash exposure; remainder in equities and diversified property; aims for 2.75% above CPI

Balanced plus: 

30% - 70% cash exposure; remainder in fixed interest, equities and alternative investments; aims for 3.50% above CPI

Growth portfolios


Small cash exposure; high equities exposure and some diversified property; aims for 3.50% above CPI

Growth plus: 

 Small cash exposure; high equities exposure with some diversified property and alternative investments; aims for 4.00% above CPI

All targets are expressed after fees and taxes.

Things you should know

  • You can only invest in the Ready-made Portfolios if you have opened a Complete Super account
  • Opening a Complete Super account requires your first $2,500 (or 2% of your total portfolio, whichever is the greater) to be, and remain, invested in one or more of the Ready-made Portfolios and/or Cash Hub
  • We use these funds to cover fees associated with your investing activity and insurance cover