Managed FundsHow it works

Managed funds pool your money with other investors' money, to then invest and manage that money on your behalf.  The pooled money can be invested in a range of assets including listed and unlisted investments as well as alternative investments like hedge funds.

Learn the basics about managed funds.

Through brightday you can invest in any of the hundreds of funds on this list.

List of approved funds

To invest, switch or sell, all you need to do is complete one simple online form.

Fund manager fees are charged in addition to brightday platform fees.  Each fund's fees differ, but the range is around from 0.30% to 4.00% (after taking fund performance fees into account).  There is also a switch fee.

Our detailed pricing table


Not sure whether managed funds are right for you?

Use our portfolio planner to find out, in just two minutes, how you might invest your money to achieve your objectives, based on the information you provide.  


Need help deciding what funds to invest in?

When you open an account you get full access to our managed fund research tool to find and compare different investments to work out which options are right for you.


Things you should know

  • The minimum investment you can make in any managed fund is generally $1000 but this can vary between managed funds
  • When you invest in a managed fund, you own part of a trust that owns the investments, you don't own the investments directly. This may impact your tax position when you buy, sell and switch investments
  • Some managed funds may use borrowed funds along with investors' funds to increase potential returns. This approach also increases risk