Flexible SMSFFlexible SMSF

brightday SMSF is your simple solution to self-directed investing.

Our Flexible SMSF is your best option if you're already using an SMSF and have a trusted accountant. Keep those things in place, and just take advantage of our huge range of investments and consolidated reporting.

Use your existing SMSF to invest, and remain responsible for statutory reporting, accounting and tax. We'll provide all your investing options in one place, along with a complete picture of your portfolio and all your research.

You can also pool your super with that of your spouse and/or family members, to access greater investing opportunities through higher balances.

If you'd prefer we take care of everything for you, including establishing a new SMSF, ongoing administration, compliance and statutory reporting, then Total SMSF may be a better option for you.

Compare our two SMSF options

Not sure what's involved in setting up an SMSF?

Access and manage a huge range of investments

  • Managed funds and separately managed accounts
  • Shares (includes shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs)
  • Property (including borrowing to purchase a property using your SMSF)
  • Term deposits and cash management

Not sure what mix of investments is right for you? Use our portfolio planner to find out, in just two minutes, how you might invest your money to achieve your objectives, based on the information you provide.

Choose your level of control

Have as much or as little involvement as you like.  Either set up your investments and review periodically, or actively manage them.

Simple and convenient

  • Once you're set up, there's no more signatures or paperwork - buy and sell using the same simple online form
  • See a complete picture of your portfolio in one place, along with your research
  • Australian-based call support to help you set up and manage your portfolio

Reduce your workload and your risk

  • Set up your account in minutes
  • Authorise your trusted adviser to access reports on your behalf
  • One simple and powerful service to monitor and control your whole portfolio
  • Detailed reporting including portfolio summary; asset allocation; tax entity and portfolio valuation; transactions; income by period/investment; funds deposited/withdrawn
  • Export your reports in various formats for ease of use
  • Faster, more informed decision-making through real time pricing and transactions

reduce your risk

Learning, general advice and tools

  • Tailored information, general advice and investment options
  • Expert guidance on investing topics tailored to your knowledge level and preferences
  • Portfolios with total balances over $200,000 receive unrestricted access to brightday Stock Screener
  • Access to a shortlist of top performing managed funds using the Featured Funds tool. 

Rely on independent, established wealth brands

Partnered with OneVue's established online investment know-how as the platform operator, together we've created a simple, sophisticated way for you to manage your super, no matter your level of investing experience.  

How does it work?

Just complete the application form, then transfer funds into your Cash Hub and you're ready to go. You use the same simple online form for every type of investment so it couldn't be easier to get started.

What info do I need to apply? 

Pricing tool 

Detailed pricing table

Before applying you will need to have read the following documents.

PDF icon Flexible SMSF Service Guide.pdf

PDF icon SMSF SMA Model Portfolio Guide.pdf

Flexible SMSF Services guide and Flexible SMSF SMA model portfolio guide.

To obtain a copy please contact us on:

Tel: 1800 857 680 - between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday (AEST)

Email: brightday.help@ybr.com.au

Not sure whether this option is right for you?

Things you should know

  • Use your existing SMSF to invest
  • You remain responsible for your SMSF's statutory reporting, accounting and tax
  • You have access to the full range of portfolio reports
  • Existing term deposits and SMAs cannot be transferred onto Flexible SMSF.  They need to be set up as new
  • You can manually add (self-administer) property and/or collectibles to your portfolio, but you will also need to manually update any value changes to get an accurate valuation of your portfolio
  • You need to keep a minimum ongoing balance of $2,500 in your Cash Hub.  We use these funds to cover fees associated with your investing activity and insurance cover