TOTAL SMSF - Fees & Charges

Administration Fee on all assets except property and loans

Account Balance Tiers

Retail Fee (p.a.)

0 - 500,000

0.005c for every $1 up to $500,000

500,001 – 1,000,000

$2,500 then 0.0033c for each $1 over $500,000

1,000,000 +

Capped at $4,150*

* Fees for amounts over $20,000,000 will be agreed by negotiation.

Brokerage on share trading

Balance Tiers


0 - 5,000


5,000 – 20,000


20,000 +



Other transaction fees

Transaction fees


Buy/Sell in SMA


Managed Fund Transaction Fee


Custody Fee (managed funds and SMAs)

0.055% p.a


No charge

Equity Transfer In


Equity Transfer out


Managed Funds, Transfer In and Transfer Out


Corporate Actions and IPO (per transaction)



Total SMSF Accounting and Administration fees

Accounting & Administration


SMSF Tax Return, Financials and Audit


Property Administration Fee


Loan Facility Administration Fee


Processing of Depreciation Schedules if applicable


TOTAL SMSF Establishment Fees

New Funds

Retail Fee

SMSF Establishment Fee


SMSF Borrowing


Corporate Trustee Establishment


Investment Strategy


Existing Funds

Retail Fee

Deed Conversion Fee


SMSF Borrowing


Change of Trustee including New Corporate Trustee Establishment


Investment Strategy


An annual levy payable to the ATO by each SMSF

As per ATO guidelines

ASIC Agent surcharge


Other charges


Retail Fee

Technical Services


Audit re-work fee


Change of Trustee including New Corporate Trustee Establishment


Actuarial Certificate: Account based, allocated and term allocation pension


Actuarial Certificate: Defined Benefit Pension


Rollover Service Fee


Rollover Investment Transfer Fee

$55 per month

Subsequent Trust Deed Amendments to our preferred Deed


Add/Remove SMSF Member or Change of SMSF Trustee


SMSF Lost Deed Replacement


Convert your existing Deed with Trustee/Member Change


Convert your existing Deed


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